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At Generation Next Fertility, our empathetic and innovative approach to fertility care is what has made us the Premier Choice for IVF. Now that you know us, take a few minutes to complete our application so we can learn about you!


Let's Talk About You

Egg donor candidates will meet with the GNF Egg Donation team to review the clinical process, your health background, compensation for your time, and additional requirements for becoming an egg donor. 


Donor Cycle Planning

Once accepted as an Egg Donor, we’ll discuss your ovarian stimulation plan and carefully map out each step safe and successfully.


Help Build Families.

We understand why you’re here. Egg donation is about so much more than just the compensation for your time. We understand who you are and why you want to help.  

We Are Currently Accepting Egg Donors from the Greater New York City Area.

Are you a caring, compassionate, empowered woman living in NYC? Then let’s start helping build families together.

21- 29 years old

BMI of <30
Non-nicotine user
Have regular menstrual cycles
Physically & emotionally healthy
Not currently using injectable birth control
No family history of inheritable genetic disorders
Able to attend frequent office visits for 2 weeks
Donating my eggs helped pay for college expenses and I had the opportunity to help a family in need. Love that I did it!
Anonymous Donor
Brooklyn, NY
My sister had trouble getting pregnant and it was real emotional for her. I wanted a way to help others dealing with infertility.
Anonymous Donor
Brooklyn, NY
I'm always trying to find ways to help women in my community and I couldn't think of a better way than to help build a family.
Anonymous Donor
Queens, NY
I didn't think it would, but this experience really changed my life. Love that I got the chance to help a loving family in need.
Anonymous Donor
Brooklyn, NY
I've donated 3 times. The money has helped me tremendously, but the love I have from helping someone else is immeasurable.
Anonymous Donor
Manhattan, NY
I'm proud that my eggs can help other strong, independent, working women start their family. I'm thinking about round 2 already.
Anonymous Donor
Manhattan, NY

Photos has been changed to hide the identities of our egg donors.

Egg Donors Are Compensated for Their Time and Effort.

First time donors typically receive compensation starting at $10,000 with repeat egg donors earning up to $60,000.



Donors can donate eggs every 3 months after completing an egg donation cycle. With a lifetime maximum of 6 egg donation cycles.

All costs* associated with donating eggs, including insurance, screening, travel, and accommodations, are covered by GNF Egg Donation.

*If based outside of New York, baseline costs associated with donation may be covered including screening, travel, and accommodations

Become an egg donor and help change a life. Make a difference in their lives and yours.