Why Become A Donor?

Women Become Egg Donors for Many Reasons

You're not alone in wondering why a woman would want to donate her eggs. The short answer is, there is no short answer. Women are donating their eggs for many reasons.

Becoming an eggs donor requires a compassionate person who enjoys helping others and giving. It also requires considerate time and effort from the donor. 

Below you’ll find just a few reasons why women choose to become egg donors in New York City.

I Wanted to Make A Difference
I am naturally a giver, I like to help people and give back to my community.
When I found out that I could help build a family by donating my eggs I was instantly
prepared to do whatever it took. Family means a lot to me so it was an honor
to help build one. I know my eggs will help create a beautiful family.

Jessica, New York City
I Wanted A Savings Cushion
I just graduated college and have a decent job, but I really wanted a little bit
of money in savings. Becoming an egg donor allowed by to jump start that
process. The money really helped me feel more secure. I was able to pay
off some credit cards and have a small nest egg in case of emergencies.

Madeline, New York City
I Wanted to Learn More About Myself
One of the many benefits of eggs donation was having the opportunity to learn
more about my body. During a donation cycle you will undergo genetic and
medical testing. This helped me find things out about my body that I never knew!

Alessandra, New York City
I Wanted to Help an Infertile Couple
My older sister suffered from infertility and it really
torn her up. She cried over it so many times, it was heartbreaking.
I wanted to help someone with infertility so they didn't have
to go through what my sister did.

Stacey, New York City
I Wanted to Feel Empowered
I don't want to have children of my own. I know it might sound
weird, but I don't. Donating my eggs made me feel a little
less selfish about not having children. At least someone else will
benefit from my healthy eggs. It felt really good knowing that
I could help someone who really wants a family.

Janice, New York City
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Donating my eggs helped pay for college expenses and I had the opportunity to help a family in need. Love that I did it!
Anonymous Donor
Brooklyn, NY
My sister had trouble getting pregnant and it was real emotional for her. I wanted a way to help other dealing with infertility.
Anonymous Donor
Brooklyn, NY
Helping always looking at ways to help women in my community and I couldn't thing of a better way than to help build a family.
Anonymous Donor
Queens, NY
I didn't think it would, but this experience really changed my life. Love that I got the chance to help a loving family in need.
Anonymous Donor
Brooklyn, NY
I've donated 3 times. The money has helped me tremendously, but the love I have from helping someone else is immeasurable.
Anonymous Donor
Manhattan, NY
I'm proud that my eggs can help other strong, independent, working women start their family. I'm thinking about round 2 already.
Anonymous Donor
Manhattan, NY

Photos has been changed to hide the identities of our egg donors.

Become an egg donor and help change a life. Make a difference in their lives and yours.