Egg Donation Process

What to Expect

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The egg donation process is involved, but pretty straight forward. Read the outline below to know what to expect during your first egg donation cycle.

The Egg Donation Process

After your initial online application, you’ll begin planning out your cycle with your care team. The donation process from start to finish lasts 20-30 days on average. 

The first step is super easy, simply apply online by clicking the button below.

After speaking with a member of our team  you may be invited to our office to meet with one of our doctors for a physical exam, ultrasound, and bloodwork. Subsequently, you will have consultations with a psychologist and a genetic counselor, which can be arranged via phone or Skype. Based on the information that we collect and the guidelines for egg donors, we can determine whether you are approved to be an egg donor.  If approved, we will create a profile that will be shared with potential intended parents interested in choosing you as their donor. 

Once you have been accepted to become an egg donor, we will figure out a timeline that works for both yourself and our office. Based upon timing, you will likely begin oral contraceptive pills for 2-3 weeks.  During those weeks, one of our physicians will determine the protocol that you will use based upon your blood results.  We will order your medications and have them available for you to pick up once you stop the oral contraceptive pill.

You’ll be self-administering hormone injections to stimulate your ovaries to grow multiple eggs. Throughout this period, which lasts for between 10 and 14 days, you come in for ultrasounds and blood tests to monitor your response to the medications.  We will adjust your dosage as needed to ensure that we get the optimal number of eggs while ensuring that the process is safe for you. When your hormone levels and follicle sizes indicate that you are ready, you will use a trigger injection 36 hours before your egg retrieval.

You’ll be sedated for about 10-15 minutes, while a physician collects your eggs. You may be a little sore afterward, but most women are able to resume normal activities the next day.

2-3 days after your retrieval you will return to our office for a follow up visit to ensure that you are recovering appropriately.

We require donors to wait 3 months before completing another egg donation cycle. The lifetime maximum for egg donation cycles is 6.

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